Midlife Yoga Crisis


Coming of age in the yoga profession means facing changing realities and shifting priorities. The majority of yoga teachers start out in the profession at an early time in their lives. But as the viability of old models wanes and independent players have less impact in the face of up-scaled operations, long-term prospects for careers…


8 Sattvic Foods to Help Balance Your Body and Mind


A branch cannot survive on its own. It must connect to the tree trunk and roots in order to absorb the elements and thrive in nature. Neither yoga nor Ayurveda are singular practices. They are more like branches on the tree of Vedic wisdom. In order to maintain balance, there must be a constant exchange…


Community Connect


It was a fun day outside! We conducted a Free Community Yoga Session in association with Vasundhara Layout Electronic City 2. An all inclusive, wonderful yoga practice… Refreshing Morning sun, breeze and green open space took the practice to a surreal level!