About Us

The life transforming ability of Yoga (Ah! we love it so much!) is no secret today! Tapping the wisdom of this ancient practice, The Yoga Vruksha brings to you a bounty of styles, deeply rooted in tradition, branching out to suit people of all age group, ability and preference. We believe, the right time and age to start is Now!

  • So, newbies walk-in to our Beginner/Alignment Yoga sessions to embark on your Yoga journey.
  • For the ones who like to be on the move and sweat it out, our dynamic Vinyasa and Flow classes are apt for you.
  • Those days, when wear and tear of life takes a toll, and all you just want is to unwind and relax, take resort in our restorative/meditation and mindfulness Yoga sessions.
  • If you a sports professional and don’t want to be bogged down by injuries then head straight to our Re-coup Yoga sessions for therapeutic benefits.
  • If you are a “Yoganista” and toe-stands, head-stands and hand-stands are your thing, and get inspired by a challenge, then just leap into our Advanced Yoga sessions.

Our Story


The Yoga Vruksha is a humble effort to rejuvenate lives through Yoga and spread Yoga love. Endeavours of a yoga enthusiast, supported by endless number of friends and well-wishers, brought The Yoga Vruskha to life and vibrancy. Our earnest aim is to help people from all walks to imbibe the life transforming essence of Yoga in the most authentic, non-dogmatic, all-inclusive and enjoyable way.

We, at The Yoga Vruksha offer engaging Yoga sessions that nourishes your body, mind and spirit, thus making a difference in your life.

Our Yoga teachers have been practicing this wonderful discipline for years and have national and international certifications.